About Us

Return On Investment isn't everything, but without ROI everything is nothing.

We are an international group of four Consultants (Europe, USA), organized in a network of associated partners, founded by Thomas Berthold.

Each one of us has in-depth life science- and healthcare industry experience from many years working in several leadership positions in the industry at national, regional and global level. We know the healthcare industry from own hands-on experience - not from text-books.

Our competences cover a broad range of synergistic Expertise (scientific, medical, commercial, financial), enabling us to provide premium consulting in those areas which drive Customer Value & Return on Investment for healthcare companies.


Our Mission

Grow Your Business

Our Mission is to support our clients in the Healthcare- & Life Science Industry and their Investors to increase Value for Customers and to improve our clients' Return on Investment by

 * building strong Product Portfolios

 * best-in-class Strategic Planning

 * building Medical & Market Access Leadership

 * optimizing Business Models and  Key Business Processes

 * implementing necessary Organizational Changes

and through this to enable our clients to achieve a sustainable competitive position in a rapidly changing business environment.

The ROI Difference

Achieve Your Goals

1. We provide our clients with high-end expertise in areas driving Return on Investment and Customer Value, increasing competitiveness and reducing Operating Expenses.
2. We know the Healthcare- & Life Science Industry from many years of hands-on job experience - not from the books.
3. Our Consulting Network of four associated partners provides synergistic in-depth expertise and ensures flexibility re. project timelines
4. We don't like powerpoints - but results & implementation.
5. We have the courage to "keep it simple", and we know how to implement "powerpoints"
6. We work very hard for you - we don´t hold you back from your work
7. We have a Lean Consulting approach, with lean back-office structure, low overheads and full transparency on project costs, providing our clients with Premium Consulting at competitive rates.

What keeps us going

Change Leadership for improved ROI in Healthcare & Lifescience

„In many years in the Healthcare Industry and then as regular customers of consulting companies, we were often frustrated about the „traditional“ Consulting approach: too much high-flying concepts, too many powerpoints, too little actionable results - for sky-high honoraria.
Since I run my own Consulting Company, my Partners and I focus on the foundations of your business: YOUR Leadership to build competitive Product Portfolios, Medical Leadership, innovative & customer-centric Organizations with strict OPEX-control and attractive ROI for Shareholders and Investors. We do this through "translating" fascinating Science into Return-on-Investment.  
Of course, and especially in Healthcare & Lifescience, Return on Investment isn´t everything, but without ROI everything is nothing.“

Papa Foto.png

Founder of Lifescience Business Consulting

Thomas Berthold, PhD

PhD in Biology, 20 years business experience in various leadership positions (Marketing, Sales, R&D, Business Development, Finance)  with Johnson & Johnson in the USA and several European countries. Entrepreneurial business consultant since 2011.