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Lead Compound Strategies

Find your path in the jungle of opportunities

Many Biotech companies have failed because of the Temptations & Pitfalls offered by a broad range of possible development opportunities for single lead compounds. "Spreading the butter" across a too wide range of possible indications or lead candidates creates exponentially increasing risks of failure and lack of control and focus.

Our methodologies of Early Value Assessment (EVA) and Indication Sequence Analysis (ISA) have been proven to be powerful concepts to focus development resources on those therapeutic areas and compounds which have the maximal Probability-of-Success, Value for Customers and ROI.

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Commercial Evaluation of Lead Compounds

Epidemiology- & Patient Flow-based Forecast-models

Our tools and methodologies for the commercial evaluation of your lead Compounds include Epidemiology- & Patient Flow-based Forecast-models, structured & transparent capturing of underlying Forecast Assumptions and detailed Analytical Output at global, regional or local level.

You get a clear understanding of the Commercial Opportunities, Risks and Value Drivers for your product candidates. Our support ranges from "fast & pin-pointed" Commercial Opportunity-Sizing to in-depth evaluation of Markets, Competitive Landscapes and Forecast Scenarios.

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