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Biotech Portfolio Management

Just using scientific data alone to make go-/no-go decisions is not enough

Portfolio decisions are the most important business decisions to be made in Biotech companies. We provide you with powerful tools and in-depth expertise in Portfolio Management for R&D Portfolios in early stages of development.

Just using scientific data alone to make go-/no-go decisions is not enough anymore. Our Portfolio methodologies have been tailored to the specific needs of Biotech Decision-making on Early-stage R&D Portfolios. We assess the Value of your Portfolio and its product candidates through the eyes of Reimbursement Authorities and from the angle of competitive marketplaces requiring well differentiated products for successful future competition and commercial success.

Deep Portfolio Insight is not only critical for your internal Decision-making, but also key for successful negotiations with potential Licensing Partners and Investors.

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Biotech Portfolio Analyzer

Make your Portfolio-decisions with Trust & Confidence

Decisions on Biotech R&D Portfolios require specific methodologies, taking into consideration uncertainties along the development process, accuracy of predictions about markets 10 years ahead and the validation of critical assumptions on still missing data.

Our Biotech Portfolio Analyzer is capturing these specific needs. The model is easy-to-use and Data Processing & Analytical Output are easy-to-understand, ensuring that you can make your Portfolio-decisions with Trust & Confidence.

Beside the comparative analysis of a broad range of variables (scientific, clinical, market, commercial, financial), the Biotech Portfolio Analyzer enables you to evaluate the Value of product candidates from an Out-licensing perspective, allowing you to simulate and compare different Out-licensing Deal Term scenarios.

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