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New Product Development

eXcellence for New Products

We provide an integrated approach for customer- & market-driven development of your New Products, ensuring differentiated products with Added Value for Patients and maximized ROI.

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New Product Readiness

A unique and powerful tool to support Launch Decisions

"No 2nd chance for 1st impression" - a New Product Launch requires absolute focus and professional preparation.

The New Product Readiness toolbox is no "Rocket Science" but a lot of Commmon Sense and it's structure & simplicity makes sure that "Things get done". We provide either In-house Training for your Launch Team or full Project Office support, allowing your Launch Team to focus on Customer.

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Late Life Cycle Management

Activate the "sleeping" ROI-Potential of your Mature Brand Portfolio

Our expertise in Late Life Cycle Management helps you to generate incremental revenues and to significantly improve the ROI of your Mature Brand Portfolio.

Focused and resource-efficient LLC-Startegies (e.g. IP-Defense, Marketing Mix Optimization, Put-up Rationalization, Out-Licensing) allows your organization to keep focus on the Core Business and to generate incremental Revenues and Contributions.

Patent expiration is not "the end of the game" - smart Strategies put you up for strong and cost-efficient competition in a generic environment.

We have in-depth experience in defining and implementing successful Late Life Cycle Strategies and the required cost-efficient Business Models.

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