Portfolio Management

Take Leadership action to drive the Value & ROI of your Portfolio

Your Product Portfolio is the backbone of your business. Ongoing cost-containment measures and other strategic changes in healthcare systems require a much more rigorous Portfolio Management than ever before. Your Portfolio Leadership is critical to build the Value and to maximize the Return-on-Investment of your Portfolio.

We have developed a unique and proprietary Portfolio Analysis platform which allows you to maximize the ROI of your Portfolio through optimization of resource allocation across products (incl. pipeline products) / indications / countries / periods, flexibilization of OPEX, optimal portfolio risk management and fact-based decision-making.

Our tailored Portfolio Models are transparent and easy-to-use. They are designed to support your portfolio discussions with real-time scenario analysis. Among several unique features and functionalities, the ISS Scenario Tool (Investment-to-Sales Sensitivity) allows a fact-based optimization of OPEX-allocation towards maximized Portfolio-ROI.

Our Portfolio Analysis methodology has been successfully applied in small to large Pharma-, Biotech- and Medtech-companies, at country-, regional- & global level. 

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Pharma Portfolio Analyzer

A unique and powerful tool to support Portfolio Decisions in Pharma companies

Our Pharma Portfolio Analyzer is easy-to-use and allows analysis and discussion of different Portfolio- & Investment-Scenarios with "real-time" analytical output.

Data-input is simple. Data-processing and analytical Output are easy-to-understand and provide confidence and trust for subsequent Portfolio- & Investment Decisions.

At product-level, the P&L-section allows analysis and benchmarking of specific types of OPEX (e.g. Medical, Marketing, Sales) at country-/regional-/global level. Deep insights into Opportunities, Risks and Gaps of your Portfolio are provided.

The Pharma Portfolio Analyzer is a very powerful and robust tool to support your Operational Business. It provides clear directions for optimized Resource Allocation and maximization of Value & ROI of your Portfolio.

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R&D Portfolio Analyzer

An Innovative Solution

Our R&D Portfolio Analyzer has been tailored to support the complex decision-making on R&D Portfolios. Specific attention is paid to the different risk-levels over the range of development stages from Pre-clinical to Phase-III to Reimbursement.

Due to the intrinsic uncertainty of the R&D Process, all underlying assumptions (e.g. Target Product Profile, Probabilty-of-Success, Target Price) are captured in full detail and transparency.

The multi-factor analysis of data includes, beside clinical and financial data, also relevant variables as Unmet Needs, Willingness-to-Pay, Market Hurdles and size of Patient Populations.

The P&L section at product level allows also the evaluation of Licensing Deal-Terms, so that the model can be used to analyze & benchmark In-Licensing Opportunities.

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Licensing & Aquisition

A Story of Success

We have been successfully involved in numerous L&A deals across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Beside the development of a L&A Strategy supporting the Value & ROI of your Portfolio, we deliver Epidemiology-based Forecast Models and P&L- / Portfolio Models for in-depth commmercial and financial evaluations of Licensing Opportunities and related Deal Terms.

Our L&A Services range from fast & pin-pointed "1st-level Assessments" to in-depth Commercial Evaluations (market analysis, forecasting, P&L) to full Project Office-support for L&A projects (from  Candidate Screen to Deal Term Negotiations).

We have an extensive Business Development Network in Europe, USA and China, enabling us to "connect" you fast and direct to potential Partners. Our professional Project Management skills and our deep Medical & Commercial expertise provide very effective support for your Licensing & Aquisition activities.

Due to the increasing importance of Business Development in- & out-bound China, we offer specific Business Development Expertise and Support in this area.

Pharmaceutical Machinery

Integrated Business Planning

Turning a New Page

Each year, most Pharma companies spend enormous efforts (time, people, money) to do their Strategic Plans and Business Plans. After presentation to Management many of those plans end up in the bookshelf, collecting dust - ..."back to business"...

Our Integrated Business Planning approach is a very rigorous and structured process which integrates necessary input from all relevant functions into meaningful Strategic & Operational Plans in a very time- & cost-efficient manner.

Our deep business insight allows us to come up with qualified external challenge of your "Corporate Thinking" and to keep your organisation focused on Value for Customers.

The tools and documents are actively used over the course of the complete business year to steer and measure successful implementation & execution of your Business Plans.

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